My sweet little girl

Not long after my daughter was born I decided to create an alphabet collection. It has become an iconic collection that is very much appreciated by many mothers and lovers. As a young mother myself I wear the ‘E’ necklace all the time, a reference to my lovely daughter Ella. Today she is already six years old and a huge fan of drawing. So last week when school gave her the assignment to draw her family she was eager to draw us all. So at the end of the week all the drawings were hanging in the hallway. It is sometimes hard to pick your kids one out. But this time it was easy peasy. Ella drew a perfect ‘E’ necklace around my neck! I love that she notices that I always wear her letter and draws me with it. It means so much to me that she sees me seeing her. What do you think, can you find the differences?

Copyright Charlotte Wooning

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