Ring multisizer tool


Not sure which size ring you need? We are glad to send you this ring multisizer so that you can easily measure your ring size at home.

When you measure your finger it must be easy to take the sizer on and off the finger. Taking the sizer off your finger need to be done really carefully. The sizer must stay in the position it has when you think it is comfortable. Now you have measured your ring size. In the glass window you see the size you have measured. It is preferable to choose a size that is as close as possible to our standard sizes. You can go for a slightly smaller or a tiny bit bigger.

Take not, your fingers can change, the finger thickness changes when it warm or cold. Warm fingers are a bit thicker than normal. When it is cold your fingers are thinner. At best you take the size several times during the day. Pregnancies and medicine use can influence your ring size as well. Take care about that, although that is temporary most of the times.


Our standard size are:

48= size XXS

50= size XS

52= size S

54= size M

56= size L

58= size XL



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