Product care instructions

All our jewels are handmade in our workshop in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Genuine materials such as 925 sterling silver, 14k gold, real sweetwater pearls and gemstones are crafted to the highest standards. Nevertheless all jewels are fragile products and need to be worn with care.

To keep your jewels looking at it’s best take notice of the following recommendations;

don’t wear them while sleeping

don’t spray perfume (it contains alcohol) on the place you wear the jewel

avoid contact with detergent and other chemicals

Be carefull or take them off when you go to the gym, go gardening, swimming.

For more specific tips, reed below.



Silver has the tendancy to tarnish quick when it comes in to contact with sulfur and oxygen.

To keep your silver clean and fresh wear them often. The oils on your skin help prevent your jewel to tarnish.

When you take your jewel off best is to put it in a plastic bag like a ziploc to keep out air. If you add a piece of chalk that will help even better.

To rub off tarnish, use a jewelry polishing cloth. You can also use chemicals like “silver clean” to make them shine fresh and bright again.

You can order a polishing cloth and silver clean here at our site.



All our goldplated jewels are plated with a 3 micron 18k gold finish. This is a finish that will fade in time. The base of the jewel is always 925 sterling silver. This is very dependent on how you treat you jewel. If you want to enjoy your plating for a long time please follow our advice:

Take your jewelry off at night

Take your jewelry off when washing your hands

Never use scrub soap

Take your jewelry off at sandy beaches

Take your jewelry off at heavy labor



Pearls are beautiful to wear. Nevertheless they need proper care. We advise to put them on as the last item of your outfit and take them off as the first. Pearls are vulnerable to chemicals in cosmetics, hairspray, hair dye, and perfume. Pearls don’t like water – showers, swimming pools, etc. Never bring them in touch with vinegar or other acids. Pearls will shine even more if they are in contact with your skin. You can clean them with a soft slightly moist cloth.

Has your plating faded too much? We have a special plating service for all our jewels.

If you have any questions about the care of your jewels, please don’t hesitate to ask!

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