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Sinds 2005 bestaat het sieradenmerk Charlotte Wooning. Na haar afstuderen in mode begon de sieradenpassie als een experiment. Na vele uren achter de werkbank solderen, testjes maken en nieuwe dingen proberen en leren ontstond het merk Charlotte Wooning.

Charlotte Wooning heeft een herkenbare, eigen stijl, die zich door de jaren heen steeds meer heeft ontwikkeld. Al onze juwelen zijn vrouwelijk, elegant, delicaat, modern.

Geïnspireerd door kunst, het dagelijks leven, vintage sieraden en alle vrouwen die ze tegenkomt, zijn de collecties toegankelijk voor een grote groep vrouwen die vol in het leven staan en genieten van mooie dingen. Er worden continu nieuwe stuks toegevoegd aan de collectie. Tijdloze classics blijven altijd beschikbaar.

Charlotte & Steven

We are proud to create memories that last a lifetime.

Charlotte’s small enterprise has grown to be a grown-up company. We now employ 5 professionally graduated goldsmiths, lovely girls who create every piece by hand in the style of Charlotte. And for two years her husband Steven is fully committed to the company as a new business partner of Charlotte.

located in vibrant rotterdam

Our office is a cozy place next to the workshop where we all get together for lunches or coffee, right next to the workshop. Our business is one big team of happy people and we all work together to get the most beautiful jewels delivered to you in the best attentive way possible. We honor our work and are grateful for the many clients that made it possible for us to grow. We hope to keep on creating those special, beautiful jewels for a long time.

our unique store

Close to our lively workshop we have a unique store in Rotterdam where every piece can be fitted and custom-made to your size and wishes. Besides the collection jewelry we also create bespoke wedding bands, memory jewels, engagement rings and other special pieces made on request. We love every chance we get to work with rare gemstones to create those one of a kind pieces.

company values

At charlotte wooning we believe in treating everyone with respect and dignity — that includes our staff, our customers, our material suppliers and the earth itself. The jewelry industry has a poor track record of being accountable for the environmental impact it has and how its workers are treated; we are working to change that standard.

silver & gold
99% of all the precious metals we work with has been recycled in Europe. This means low impact on the environment and good ethical staff treatment.

We work closely with our gemstone suppliers that know exactly where the stones are mined and under what conditions. We are devoted to better understanding the social, economic and environmental impact of the mining so that we can create positive change along the supply chain, all the way from the mine to our customers.

Besides mined gemstones we also work with synthetic gemstones. Synthetic stones are man-made but exactly the same as mined gemstones. The best part about that is they are good for the environment; no miner has to work under bad circumstances and you get the best quality gemstone.

low stock
To retain the earth from overflowing with unnecessary things we create on demand. We have low stock and work with a dynamic inventory system.  Sometimes it means you have to wait a little longer for your jewel to arrive. Overall it means we can keep our prices fair, year round rather than the traditional method of pricing. In our system we don’t have to sell out our products, they keep their value.

We are proud of our employees and know that they share our collective values of respect, inclusiveness, excellence and responsibility.

We offer the option to repair your old Charlotte Wooning pieces. In this way no waste is created and you can enjoy your jewelry for a life time. Repairs are send in a recycled shipping box to reduce waste.
Besides we stimulate our staff on waste reduction, recycling, low use of plastic, driving electric, and to commute by bicycle or train. 80% off our staff is vegetarian.

We celebrate getting to make our customers truly happy! We listen to our customers — what they want and how we can serve them better. We answer every call or email in person, with individual care and attention. We love to hear from you.

Copyright Charlotte Wooning

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